SmithMatthias Ltd. is a London based design studio established by Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias in 2012. Our services are wide ranging and although every design process is different, we have the toolkit to nurture ideas, to grow and test them, to adapt them and turn them into something meaningful. 

We design sensitively and intelligently, aiming to design distinctive, innovative products, which will contribute positively to our clients vision and growth, through careful consideration of market needs and a problem-solving approach. We design for the long term.

We develop and test ideas through CAD modeling, visualisation and prototyping. We can source the right manufacturer, and work with that manufacturer to achieve great results.

We want people to connect with our work; for it to be a pleasure to experience, own and use. To achieve this, research must be thorough, there must be attention to detail, and careful consideration given to function, manufacture and cost.

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