SmithMatthias Ltd. is a London based design studio established by Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias in 2012. We have an innate passion to create and make. Our shared beliefs and values guide us in our aim to design responsible and purposeful products which we hope will be loved by their owners for years to come.

Many of the elements we strive to achieve go hand in hand and we endeavour to bring them together in work that has integrity and of which we're proud.

Materials and quality: We have a love of natural, sustainable materials which are enduring and age with grace. The materials, manufacture and construction must be of a high quality to ensure the product is easy to use, maintain and will endure.

Emotion: We want people to connect with our work; for it to be a pleasure to experience, own and use. To achieve this, we believe our research must be thorough, with careful consideration given to function and manufacture, with attention to detail, purpose, beauty and fun.

Timeless: We endeavour to create timeless design, which will match the longevity of the materials, relevance and usefulness of each piece. We believe our values are better suited to classic, innovative design rather than short lived trends.

Client and Consumer Focused: It is important to us that we design sensitively and intelligently for our clients and their customers. We aim to design distinctive products which will contribute to our client's vision and growth through careful consideration of market needs and a problem solving approach.